How to remove stale assets from billing?

This would work great…

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Ideally, I want to be able to alert on stale assets so I can clean up other services that we have to pay for that may still be assigned to them, but adding this filter is more or less exactly what I was looking for before starting this post.

I think there are two issues here at play. One is how do I bill for all active assets only dynamically though Syncro. This is what that new filter would do.

The other is how do I deal with stale assets in general. I don’t have a solution for that yet, but using the filter above it could be done manually, or you could even schedule a report using that Saved Asset Search in conjunction with list blocks from the Internal Report Builder.

Once we have a workable solution for archiving assets, I think notifications and automatically archiving stale assets would likely be part of the feature set.

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with the ability to filter an asset list based on “hasn’t check in for X days” we can manually check from time to time. so that already works

adding Exclude devices not checked in, will fix our billing only for active assets

If it’s a quicker fix and you can lean on the support/Dev team to fix the stale asset notification problem I’d very happily consider that a solution to the notifying of stale assets. But we need to reliably get notification at the configured stale period up to at least 90 days not the BS responses support has been giving.

Agreed there are two issues.
They could be the same for some companies and could be separate issues for another.

For example, we would allow clients to have assets sitting in cupboards for months on end and only charge for active ones. At the point they dispose of them, we want the history of the device still so would call it an archived device - the key thing with this is a conscious click to make it archived.

This way, the client gets the benifit of being charged for what they use and the ability for us to say “yes you have this device in a cupboard as an emergency device”