How to remove stale assets from billing?

What is the best way to remove stale assets from billing when using the asset counter?

At one point we were using an asset custom filed to filter them out of the counter. I think we also used to be able to use a policy to filter out of the counter. I believe the asset custom filed still works and since we are using a dropdown we can make sure its deterministic. But there is no way to automate that. We also followed Syncro’s guidance to use Folder names since the Policy Inheritance roll-out, but that is such a mess to maintain because we now have to match exact folder names and everything is has to be manually created and moved etc.

Are these options the best there is or is there a better way?

You could make an Asset Saved Search that filters out your stale assets using your custom field. So when you’re adding an asset counter you can use that to count from. I bet that would work for you globally without having to reconfigure anything.

hi, i also have this issue, and your sugentiom could be a quick fix, but im not finding the “stale asset” option, can you explain where it is please?

In saved searches you can specify “has not checked in” in X days, allowing you to find what I’m calling stale assets. You can also use offline sheets to be notified when a device has been offline for 30 or 45 days.

The ideal fix for this would be a saved asset search that would only return assets which had checked in w/in the last X days instead of just those that had not.

HI, the option “has not checked in” in X days, is the oposite of what we need for automatic biling, the only solution is to have an option has checked in in the last X days", but it still wasnt developed by syncro, it doesnt seem hard to make it, lets wait for a response from syncro.

Yep that’s the entire point of the post. Currently removing a device from billing is painful and manual (read: error prone). There are a lot of missed opportunities in platform automation

is there anything else we can do to get the attention of Syncro? we arent geting any type of response from them using this “prefered” channel.

HI Andy, any help on this issue is much apreciated.

@Andy ,any help on this issue is much apreciated.

I’ll let Andy soak for himself, but there isn’t really anything to be done ATM besides maybe reposting as a feature request, and perhaps emailing support asking them to make sure it’s added as a feature request.

It’s functionality that the platform does not have a reasonable way to handle, and therefore requires manual work.

Best work flow would be too set your offline alerts to 45 days or whatever you deam as “stale” and then probably use a drop-down type asset custom field to remove the asset from billing.

Belt and suspenders:

  • I also have a saved asset search for stale assets so I can review from time to time to make sure we didn’t miss any.
  • I have an auto remediation that runs a script when a windows workstation goes offline that will raise an alert if it runs and the asset custom field is set to remove from billing. This way if the asset comes back online we are notified and can re-enable billing.

Ok so I played with this a bit last night and it does seem there isn’t a fully automatic way to do this. The best thing I have come up with (certainly a workaround) is to make a saved asset search, go to the property conditions at the bottom, select Syncro Device, and use the Last Sync field to look for anything that is less than the first of the previous month. This should filter out any assets that haven’t connected for the previous month (assuming you bill on the first of each month).

Then you’d setup your asset counters on your recurring invoices to use that saved asset search. The only “manual” part is that once a month you’d have to go into your search and edit the date to advance the month one each time for it to continue working as expected.

This is definitely a hacky solution and not “automated” like it should be. I’d recommend opening a feature request for this. You all might have interesting spins on how this might work, but the simplest way in my mind is having a section in the admin settings that defines a stale asset by a customizable amount of days where the asset has not checked in. So if it hasn’t checked in for 30 days for example, the asset has a read-only field that can be referenced for “stale” and “not stale” or whatever. Then you can easily use it in saved asset searches to accomplish what you’re after.

You know … this has been ask for a while now though? Like that is the whole idea behind an archived asset? Also having some programmable way to set this field up. Its been requested a few times.

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This is tangential to archived assets for sure. For example, some MSPs won’t bill for assets that are taken out of service, but waiting to be put back into service. Kind of like how BitDefender doesn’t bill for assets that haven’t connected in the last 30 days. But I definitely agree on the other side things, lots of folks want a way to auto-archive assets when they haven’t connected in X amount of time, or at least grab a filtered list of those and archive them manually. I’m with you on the need for each.

Hi Andy,
Do you know if anything ever happened regarding this?

We invoice by asset “we know about” but are considering to exclude all assets not checked in within 60 days from customers bills automatically just incase for some reason an asset slips into the forgotten to tell us its decommissioned pile…


There was nothing added in regard to this functionality as of today.

If there is an automated way, I’m all ears?

Sorry Robert I edited my above comment, it’s not possible today. We basically need to add the inverse to Saved Asset Searches (exclude assets that have been offline for X days). Then you could bill from that. I’ll raise it with the product team.

Hey @Andy

I wish to have the same automated flow as @robert.childs, if possible. I am trying to automatically archive or remove assets that have been offline for 30 days. Thanks for any assistance on this issue!

I’m working on something there. No promises it happens or ETAs, but it would look like this:

So we’d effectively add a new filter in Saved Asset Searches for excluding devices that haven’t checked in for a customizable period of days. Then you can use that as a dynamic counter in recurring invoices to skip inactive (based on your criteria of inactive) endpoints.


Sorry I misread your comment. This was for the billing piece, but the same filter could be used to report on stale assets, and then archive them. It would not be automated, since we don’t have a true asset archive methodology yet.

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