How to NOT send SMS when making new Ticket

Haven’t been able to figure this one out, without disabling sms entirely… Please help! TIA

You can disable certain SMS messages by clearing the template.

Head over to ‘Admin > PDF/Email Templates/SMS Templates’

There will be a message confirming the message is disabled after the default template text is deleted.

ooooooo wow, ok ok. I haven’t delved into this section yet! haha. This made me think of follow up to this one: can you advise a way to have a maybe 2 template option, so if we’re making a standard repair ticket where we’d like a nice auto text / email, we could use that one? And then if support ticket that’s more logging than alerting customer, it wouldn’t send text?

My thought is if I make a ticket for a client with an employee, I don’t to text alert the owner of the account necessarily. For email, I just changed the default to No email, but in the creating ticket UI there’s a check box if I’d like to send email for that instance. Perhaps there should be a SMS check box too yea?

Thank you for your help!

Shoot, now I’m trying to figure out how to have it on for some tickets, so the daily walkin tech doesn’t have to do an extra step everytime, but then when backend tech makes ticket that doesn’t need sms alert, we could select a different ticket template or something, and that wouldn’t send the initial issue message perhaps. Any ideas there?

There isn’t a way to automatically send out because there isn’t a setting to disable SMS based on the tech that is working the ticket.

As a workaround, you can save some steps for the tech that needs to send SMS by using Canned Responses on the ticket:

You want to save the canned response and the tech will be able to send it out with a couple of clicks. Canned responses also support ticket template tags. Those tags can be viewed by going to the edit page for your ticket template.

Right right… Looking into it further yesterday, I think we should start a feature request to mirror the SMS template options to the email ones… I think if there were options for different SMS templates for different tickets, may be able to setup things where there is a walkin ticket template and a internal ticket template. And the walkin is set to auto SMS the ticket info, and internal not to sms. may be able to set it to have email or not too? I was hoping to stay awa from having the checkin person have to do the additional step of manually sending sms with canned reponse… But, looking like only way currently?
Kind of strange this hasn’t come up yet really haha. But personally I just started doing more business type stuff where I don’t want the client alerted with email or text when making new ticket, because it’s not important yet, or it’s just for logging work done, but is under a plan where they’re not paying for that work that was just done… That make sense?

There’s nothing like doing some backend office work late at night and suddenly realizing I texted someone at 1am.

Does the Instructions After Initial Problem get cancelled in this case? I was assuming there were some legal reasons that has to be sent at some point - but just not after initial problem if we don’t send that.

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I have been looking for this for a while. Just to be clear, if someone sends an email now and I blank out all of these they won’t get an SMS text correct? But if they send an SMS I can still SMS them back correct?

There is an option to globally not allow messages to be sent outside of business hours, but personaly I do sometimes send message outside of business hours because we have a weird smaller window of walk in business hours, but work outside of them all the time. It’s int he settings stuff somewhere.

Soooo those are for auto send of texts for the marked trigger. So removing text entirely is essentially disabling that text to be sent. If you remove initial problem, that won’t be sent when a new ticket is made and it triggers to send text. But, I’d think that would still send the instructions message, so one would want to remove that one to to not send. The others are diag, sending the sms message when you send the first message marked as diagnostics, completed sending at message marked completed, and incoice is sent instead when a message marked compelted is sent and an invoice has been already created.

So I don’t think these batch of sms msessages have any triggers for sending an email… This would just be turning off the AUTO sending of text, and yes you could still MANUALLY text them whatever messages you’d like.

My issue is wanting to have the ability to turn off sms PER new ticket made. So I can have auto sms ON, and my walkins can get these welcome text messges, but have the ability when making a ticket in the backend for somethign that doesn’t NEED a welcome text, to simply turn it off for that ticket being made.

It’s be acceptable for me to also have a check box at ticket creation exactly like email, where we could have sms and email OFF by defuaut, but then the SOP for making new tickets for walk ins would also have the step of simply checking the 2 boxes so the ticket creation triggers an email and sms welcome message for client. Currently, you’d be able to UNCHECK the box “don’t send email”, so the auto email welcome message is sent, but the checkin tech would nee to copy the message, and manually paste it in the sms box and send it. That’s a bit annoying for checking in people, as opposed to if there was just a check box to uncheck like email…

I hope this makes sense, it’s a complicated one to explain a bit I feel haha

P.S. Caps for emphasis, not aggression haha.

@Frank Hey there, hope the weeks going well! Is there a way we could turn this into a feature request? I can’t be the only one that has a everday need to make silent tickets that don’t message the account owner, but then have ability to manually chose sending SMS at ticket creation along with email haha.
Currently the email thing seems like not a big deal to simply UNcheck the “no email” box at ticket creation, so it would be amazing if the SMS system could be done the same way, and simply uncheck a box like email, so that email and sms welcome canned messages are sent by just unchecking 2 boxes.

Thank you for your time!

We added a Feature Request board if you’d like to submit that idea, sounds like it would be helpful! Feature Requests & Suggestions - Syncro Support Community

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Woohooooo! Thanks for the info :wink:

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