How to get a detailed Statement, invoices and payments applied?

In any billing system you have the option to print a statements that lists all bills, payments, sorted by date, This gives the customer a detailed rundown of open and paid bills, how payments where applied, etc.
How do I get this in syncro??


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To find the statement, you’ll open the Customer page and it will be located in the top left. You can generate a PDF statement, or select the option to email it.

This will list invoices, payments, outstanding balances, and so on.


this only shows UNPAID or UNAPPLIED entries, but IT DOES NOT SHOW a run down by dates, bills and payments


Dear team - we are still waiting for this update.

There isn’t any customer-facing report that shows historical payments by date. I can put in a feature request for you.

There are internal ones however, it’s just that they show cost in them. You can use these to create a statement of historical payments for your customers if needed.

any update on this request ?

still waiting for this simple and common report - something that all billing systems have.