How to Force EAM Emsisoft Install

First time I ran into fresh install of RMM, turn on policy for asset, and EAM install is saying pending possibly blocked by other AV/M. I have activated Malwarebytes prior to policy setting, and didn’t get this issue. I generally run these two together, as malwarebytes is specifically designed to play nice with other av, and I haven’t had conflicting issues in my testing for several years now.

Any way to force EAM install?

Scott Lantow

Try making a small change to the policy such as changing the device language. It should force a policy resync and kick it off. Works for BD.

@revivaltechrepair, let me know if the above suggestions resolved the issue?

I’d hope that’s not how to do it, because then we’re making a broad change effecting a significant number of assets… But I’ll give it a try… Still think it’ll block thinking MB is on there but it isn’t… Need some sort of cli to tell SyncroMSP app, hey, override that block please. Haha.