How to correctly exclude a folder?

Hi all,

One of our clients running Bitdefender on a Mac keeps generating alerts that BD has detected and removed malware from their dropbox.cache folder. We’ve added an exclusion for the path ‘/Users/clientname/Dropbox/.dropbox.cache/’ in Policies → Anti-Malware → Settings’ but it’s still continuously flagging the folder. Not sure if there’s anything else we need to do to get it to exclude that folder or not.

Finally found a page with examples

Edit: My bad, I totally missed the Mac part, I’ll bow out now :).

This is the only thing I could find on Mac exclusions. It looks like you have the right syntax to me (without quotes). The policy changes aren’t instant, so not sure how long you gave it, but you can try reconfiguring the client.

If Mac BD is like Windows, there’s multiple places in the policy to exclude things. You may have added whitelist to the main AV detection section, but the detection is actually by the Advanced Threat Detection component, for example. Look closely at the detection and it should say what exactly is blocking it.