How to check version of MacOS agent


How can I check the version of the MacOS agent that is deployed on a given endpoint? I don’t how to do it from the Syncro web app or from the endpoint itself. I see release notes for the monthlyish releases but they also don’t contain any version numbers in order to compare and figure out if a given endpoint has the latest version installed. I also don’t see a way to push an agent update from the Syncro web app to a mac endpoint. Please help to clarify how monitoring & managing the macOS agent version is done.

There is a column on the asset view for General Agent version.

Great, so then how do we know if that version is the latest one?

  1. Download the current installer and figure it out for yourself.

  2. Add it to your autopkg workflow … I pull the generic installer into my Munki because there’s absolutely no notification from Syncro when new binaries are updated or pushed out.

  3. Open a ticket with Syncro.

Consider chiming in here … Publish Agent Release Notes with Version Numbers and Product Changes and Bug Fixes