How do you search for Assets with no data in a certain field?

I’m trying to create a Saved Asset Search that looks for Assets that don’t have a certain field filled out, i.e. the field has no data. (Specifically, it’s a a Custom Text Field with a string of digits.)

If I use “Add Property Condition” and choose the Custom Field, then conditions of “not equal” or “contains” and a blank value field, it shows all the Assets (i.e. no filter). If I try the conditions “equal” or “contains” with double quotes I get no Assets. Same if I use the checkbox on the right “Asset Custom Text Field” and leave it blank or try “” (all or none respectively).

There isn’t really any good way to search for a null value. You can check for an unchecked box though. If you’re searching for failed scripts, you may be able to write something into your script that notes something you can search for to signify a fail/success.

Searching for a blank field is also broken in Syncro. I used the all Assets list, added the custom field to the view and then was able to click on the column heading to sort which let me see the blank fields.

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Asset Custom Text Field works for me. Select the field and leave blank and I only get assets that have that field blank.

Well it works partially. I can search for a blank custom asset text field, but I can’t search for blank General Serial number. Fixing date search would be nice too.

Mileage may vary, I have some assets with a blank string and some with a numerical value but when I run this it returns 0 results.

Date searching is on the radar so I expect that’ll be added in again.