How do I use ticket custom fields logically?

I’m finding the structure of ticket custom fields inside seemingly “exclusive” custom field groups confusing.

Initially I set up different groups such as URLs (links to related resources etc.), parts order status, extra job information etc. But now realise I cannot really use these together. Or am I missing something?

I can, for example:

  • Set a custom field group
  • Enter data into the custom fields
  • Change the custom field group
  • Enter data into those custom fields
  • Swap between the custom field groups and the entered data is maintained

However this is obviously impractical and does not seem to be the intended way to operate.

My question is:
Is there a practical way to combine custom fields from different groups into one ticket? Or should I just put all my custom fields into one group?

The design is really intended for fields that might only apply to certain types of tickets. For example, you might need to include additional information if it’s an internet issue, or an issue relating to a surveillance system, for example. Those types of tickets will often require specific information that isn’t required on any other type of ticket, so those custom fields live with that custom field set exclusively. Otherwise, you’d wind up with dozens (or I’ve seen hundreds) of custom fields to sift through when writing up any given ticket.

If you have custom fields that need to apply to every custom field set, then you would have to add them to each.

I’ve come up with what seems to be a solution for me at the moment - I’ve disabled other custom field groups so that I now have just a single one active.

This has the advantage that those custom fields are now automatically added to every ticket - no need to add a group manually.