How do I show ticket summaries on a monthly invoice?

With a managed client that we invoice monthly, our manual process (pre-Syncro) was to have a single line item for a ticket, with a summary of the ticket info in that short paragraph or sentence.

Now with Syncro tickets, each reply of mine where there’s any time added, it becomes a new line item on an invoice which turns into a massive multi-page invoice that’s very difficult for us, not to mention the customer, to read.

Is there a way to do it so that each completed ticket is on a single entry in the invoice, perhaps using the initial ticket title:ticket description on the invoice instead of the specific ticket entry?


Hi Peter! There isn’t a way to group all the charges together on an invoice, or the ticket before you create an invoice.

But, you can stop and start and start the labor under the Labor Log area of the ticket, which will give you one field for labor on the invoice. But, the labor would have to be billed at the same rate.

I’d be happy to put in a feature request that there be some sort of merge function.