High CPU Usage with no disk / network activity

I happened to notice Endpoint Security Service using 25% of my CPU constantly. Basically maxing out one of my 4 cores. This was on Friday - I rebooted thinking it would take care of the issue.

Today I noticed all web browsers were really sluggish and also saw Bitdefender at 25% usage - no disk or network activity also. Tried a reboot again. Still the same thing. It wasn’t doing a full scan or anything. Just 25% CPU usage, so in some kind of loop. I let that run for a while and took care of some things. Came back and it was still running. So since I have no settings within Bitdefender that I can look at and I can’t kill the process I uninstalled / reinstalled Bitdefender to resolve the issue.

Going forward - are there other ways to fix this issue? I’m a little worried other people are having this same issue so will set up some CPU monitoring alerts in Syncro to see if others have this issue. Hopefully I’m the only one though as that will be a lot of systems to fix.

Hi Harry! I looked through our ticket queue but we haven’t had any reports of this recently. There have been some in the past. I did see it’s possible that if you have Relays enabled this can cause the CPU to idle around 25~30%

If you go into the Network tab and click filter, you can check to see which assets have Relay enabled. If it’s the ones you’re experiencing the issue with then you may have a lead there. (Note, this setting also requires 10GB free.)

Otherwise, I’d reach out to BitDefender Support, it’s likely something related to the configuration of the client.

Thank you for the Reply! Not sure how I missed this, this is a good starting point and I’ll definitely reach out to Bitdefender support next time.