Syncro System Status:

High CPU Usage on M1 Mac

SyncroDesktop.Svc using 200% of CPU.

This high usage continues until the process is killed. When it respawns usage is .2%
Additional item of note: Syncro reports the asset as offline until the process is killed and respawned.

Any thoughts on this.

Agent Version is 0.28.401

I’m running an M1 machine and my CPU is running nice and cool.

Not to say that this isn’t happening on your machines. I’ve seen another post about the asset reporting offline too. Is there another piece of software, like an antivirus, that may be interfering with the process?

Could you private message me a link to the asset this screenshot came from?

Private message sent.
Original agent was 0.26.384 installed on 12-03-21. Everything was fine except for the agent not installing Bitdefender. Then mid december the agent updated and BD was installed. The other 2 system with the same behaviour did not have BD installed. Every time I restart the system the process suckks up CPU. Once I kill the process and it respawns the system will run fine. I almost never restart my laptop so I did not catch the issue as fast as the customers.

@clarence.rudd Thanks for getting that asset information to me.

Our team is going to look through our logs and follow up in a ticket so we can investigate further.