Help with scripting

I was wondering if there is someone who uses Syncro scripting that can help me set up scripting. I will pay you for your time.

If you have targeted questions, you may always just ask here. I am sure someone will be happy to answer any questions you have. If you need more training on said topic - I would maybe even reach out to Synco as they do webinars once in a while over different topics.

Always there is: Getting Started with Syncro
and: Scripting Overview

I have to agree with @travis, the Syncro training videos are excellent. Also worth noting are the demo scripts they have in the script list. Lastly, when you create/edit a script they have some excellent information below the editing window on Syncro specific actions you can do.

@janazz have you had the chance to join our LIVE Syncro 100s (PSA) and 200s (RMM) trainings? This will be a great opportunity use our Implantation Specialist as a sounding board for scripting assistance.

Hi there!
The RMM 2 training Canden mentioned does do an overview of Scripting and you are welcome to sign up for that if it helps. There is also this recording that has some great info: Syncro Customer Training - Scripting Module - YouTube

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