Have the ability to remotely remove applications (long await)


I am still hoping to get the ability to REMOTELY uninstall applications from users computers that would not require me creating a script. All I would need from you would be access to the uninstall string from the registry listed beside the applications column under background tools. I know your team was working on your own previously, but have not heard anything more about this. Please advise since I feel this is something that should be added since this is an rmm. Please vote…



I haven’t used enough RMMs to consider myself an expert but the ones I have used were best effort. I believe they only supported uninstalling apps that had a “silent uninstall” string in the registry.

I’ve fiddled with writing uninstall scripts and have one that works decently well but there is always the risk that the uninstaller will just not work or will pop up on the user’s screen if it doesn’t support silent un-install.

So to your point Should Syncro have an uninstall button next to apps in the app list 100% YES. Will it be 100% coverage or work reliably all the time… probably not, but at least having the option for everything that includes a silent uninstall string would be a huge step forward.