Had BDGZ Trial that expired. Re-upped it and switched to paid, but cannot get the integration working again

I’m at the step where I need to paste the Syncro Partner ID in my Bitdefender control panel.

I go to My Company / Licensing and I try to change the PartnerID, but get the following error message: “Cannot move entities due to name conflict.”.

Bitdefender support states that I already have Syncro as my partner (the Licensing tab shows “RepairTech” with a CompanyID of “5536722d5ece05dca159ef565f4d161d”, which is the same as the CompanyID I’m supposed to be entering).

In my SyncroMSP panel, I click the [I have updated the PartnerID] button, and get the following error message at the top of the screen: " ×We could not find your BD Account under our BD Account. Are you sure you updated the partner key to us?"


Hi @kruso.tech,

Have you put in a ticket for this issue? If so, can you provide me with the ticket number so I can look into this with TS?

I was in the process of opening a ticket, and there was a highlighted banner stating: " [FOR FASTER SERVICE POST YOUR QUESTION ON THE COMMUNITY FORUM ]".

SO… Should I open a support ticket?

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Hi @kruso.tech,

Yes, posting questions here is an option for basic troubleshooting issues, this seems to be a deeper issue just followed up with tech support and waiting on an update.

SOLVED! PSA: Don’t let your trial expire. It’s a PITA to correct.

The PartnerID conflict was solved by having Syncro support “clear out my integration” so I could “set it up from the start”.

I then went to the Bitdefender app page to set up a new Bitdefender account and link it to Syncro. I also changed the trial to paid so I wouldn’t forget again.

However, my endpoints were still showing that the BDGZ license was expired. To solve this, I needed to use the Bitdefender uninstall tool (available HERE) to clean out the old installation. After that was done, my Syncro policy installed BDGZ all by itself. The process took about 15 minutes after running the uninstall tool. I rebooted, and everything worked as it should.

Hope this helps someone, or at least saves them a little time.

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Thanks for coming back and providing a resource for both me and others! :grinning: