Grouping/Bundling scripts for on-demand execution

This is a feature request to allow bundling or grouping of multiple scripts into a single run command, to be used on-demand, which will proceed to run the several scripts in the order in which they were designated in the script group/bundle.

Edit: I understand the use of Policies can currently run groupings of scripts either on a schedule or upon initial setup of an asset, but this request is to be able to create groupings of scripts that can be ran on-demand on any number of assets. And I don’t see why these groupings couldn’t also be added to schedules and such through Policies as well.


This is a feature our old RMM offered that we miss. +1 for support for this feature request.


Just a thought. You can utilize policies to run numerous scripts.

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jbaynes is right - that is what policies are… just a grouping of scripts that can be ran. You can create a police for just about anything in terms of groping. Install an app, maintain it, and watch over it.

With that said, and to expand on your request, I assume you want the ability to call on other scripts from with in a script so you can “group” your scripts together? That is something that is missing. Possible to do on your own though if you really need the ability to.

Currently, using policies you are only allowed to execute groupings of scripts either on a schedule or on the initial setup of a computer when the Agent is first installed.

What I’m requesting is being able to group scripts together to be ran on-demand on any specific asset or groups of assets.

Edit: I have adjusted the title and OP of this request to more effectively reflect what I am asking for.