Global Manual patch approval for patches that do not have a KB

For Patch Management we need some sort of function for manually approving/hiding patches at a company or global level.

Drivers are notorious for causing issues in some scenarios, but as a rule should be kept up to date for security and reliability reasons. Having to manually approve patches on every endpoint is tedious for 100 endpoints and ridiculous / unreasonable at over 1000 endpoints.

Edit: Per Jimmie’s note, this can already be done for patches that have KBs, it’s specifically the patches that do not have KBs that need a way to globally approve or install.

You can go to the Missing Patches By KB Report and then click Install. You can also click See All, but you can’t do anything natively, you’d need to script the install to be able to apply it to the list.

Thats a good point. At the time I totally forgot about the approve by KB. I guess the correct feature request is actually to add all the updates that do not have KBs to that list, OR an additional “Approve patch by X” for patches that do not have KBs.

I’ll edit the feature request