Getting two emails when someone replies to a ticket

Can anyone tell me why I get two emails when someone replies to a ticket?

I only have it set to send an email when a ticket is assigned to me or when someone replies to my own ticket.

Following. I sometimes get 3. I would love to only get the one of the 3 that has the ticket communication history and allows me to reply via email and get have that email attached to the ticket.

The other 2 are pretty useless noise. If I had to guess I think it is because in the notification set we have both “someone replies to a ticket” and “someone replies to my ticket” checked.

But it would be nice if Syncro was smart enough to say “if A ticket = My ticket, send 1 email”

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I’d be happy to clear this up.

The email from ‘Syncro Notifications’ is a plain “dumb” notification from the Notification Center. I’d go as far as saying that it isn’t very useful setting up this email notification for ticket replies. But, you may want to use this for some other delivery method like Slack/Teams, SMS, Webhook, etc.

The other email with ‘message id: XXXXXXX’ in the subject is the smarter notification that makes the other notification email not necessary. This email is sent automatically to whoever is assigned to the ticket. If nobody is assigned, the email will go to your ‘Private Staff Email’ in your ticket preferences. This email is more important because it is the email you can directly reply to and update the communication on the ticket.

tl;dr - Disable the email ’ Ticket - Someone replied to my Ticket’ notification in the Notification Center because you’re going to get another email from the ticket reply that you can reply to by default.

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I’d like to reopen this topic again. For us the email with ‘message id: XXXXXXX’ is the more annoying one. The formatting is wrong, it comes through like:


How do we change this?!