Get tickets per contact

It must be possible to do this with the API.

I want to be be able to count all the tickets associated with each contact.

I have found I can get tickets linked with a customer but that isn’t granular enough.

I find it strange I don’t get a contact name or ID when doing a /tickets get

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This a thousand times. I’ve used various ticket systems over the years and can’t believe you can’t click on a contact and see all the tickets that were assigned to them!


The tickets already have the contact associated to them. I found it strange that the UI does not have a way to see the tickets associated to the user. This would be a common function we would want to see the history for a user.

I believe you can use the search API to gather this data.

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It would be great to get some actual metrics about those same 5 users that represent 99% of my tickets :rofl:


Well we are hearing all about the current focus on the PSA, at the expense of the RMM.
Lets hope these basic expectations are implemented

I will keep this thread updated if I can find a way to do it, but the ID’s that come with a ticket don’t corelate to a user ID, and no calls related to contacts have a ticket_links or anything of that nature like the customer calls do.

I agree I keep getting more and more shocked when I keep finding simple things that should be part of any normal ticketing system such as HTM/Rich Text or seeing all of the tickets and assets that are associated with a Contact… I am also shocked how long it takes to get these things implemented. I feel that overall Syncro has potential but lack resources to get things updated. I sure hope some big company can buy them out and apply the resources needed to make a good product great.

I think “but lack resources to get things updated” really is the issue. HTML was released for a day and pulled due to bugs. It has been how long to squash the bugs and re-release?

The reason for the delay in re-release is explained here.
Syncro’s Priorities for Q4 - Announcements - Syncro Support Community (