Get the Leads Module to check against existing clients and a blacklist before sending "New Lead" alert notification messages -- Or Stop Calling it Leads

As it currently stands,
to intake tickets into the system, the go through leads.
If you want the system to Email you when you have a “New Lead”, it emails on every email that comes in… including emails from existing clients.

Either have it check for existing clients and NOT send that notification
(Plus a spam blacklist that’s easy to control, like being able to remove emails marked as spam.)

Or… More simply… Just rename “Leads” to “Inbox”, change the “New Lead” message notification to “New Inbox Message Notification” and stop pretending it’s a method of tracking leads, it’s a method of tracking all messages…

Then, if you do this…
Maybe you’ll then realized you actually need a real “Leads” module, but that’s for another day.



We had to turn off new lead alerts because we were flooded with meaningless alerts from every ticket. As it stands leads needs a re-think to make is useful.

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Everyone had to!
It’s pretty much the standing recommendation on the FB support page…
Any time anyone asks t\h question, the response is:
“Just turn it off, it doesn’t work”

If my clients ever developed a “Just stop asking them for that, they never do that, it’s known problem, and they will never fix it” attitude, I’m sure I would be out of business soon thereafter.

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Leads is an important module for us but, as Sam, says, the implementation is flawed. We are getting hammered with lead emails for every support ticket created.

Yes, this is the very first thing I noticed when using Syncro. The leads module is useless. Clients show up in leads with every emailed ticket. Leads (like other PSA) should only be incoming requests not tied to any client.

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