Get notified when a New Asset is added

Is there a way to Get notified when a New Asset is added?

There sure is! You can find that under Admin > Notification Center.

You also have the option to turn on Asset Approval if you’d like to approve/deny new assets. Asset Approval process

So I have found this setting and applied, but when the email comes in it doesn’t tell me the name of the device?

Hmm odd, I just tried it and it did include the name.

What process did you use to add the asset, did it have any special characters, do you have asset approval on and if you tried any other assets is it doing the same thing with all of them?

I don’t have Asset Approval on, and it has happened 2 but I have had another one come in and it was right. The 2 that didn’t show the name were MAC’s.

Thank you, we were able to get it to reproduce on a Mac, doesn’t seem to be an issue on Windows. For now, you can click the URL to take you to the asset until we get that fixed up :slight_smile: