Generate PDF with API

Is there a way to generate the PDF and send the payload of the PDF in a response to an API call. I see there is an API call to “send the estimate” or “send the invoice”. I want to be able to download the PDF and store it somewhere in another system.

I don’t know a way to do that, but you can have Syncro sync all of your invoices as PDFs to Dropbox, then you could use dropbox interactions to get the invoices wherever else you might want them. Not the answer but a possible work arround?

Yeah what I am trying to do is have an Azure Logic app generate through an API call to Syncro an Estimate and send it to Adobe Sign through their API. Then when the signing is done attach the signed document to the estimate in Syncro. Basically we have integrated all our apps to use Adobe Sign, even if they don’t have a native integration. Azure Logic Apps has allowed us to create automations between all the apps we use. SyncroMSP, Pipedrive, SharePoint, Quickbooks, etc. Once I learned how to interact with the APIs and parse JSON I kind of went berserk lol. I keep coming up with new things to automate and it’s kind of addicting. Call me crazy I guess.

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nope not calling anyone crazy. Thats pretty sweet, I haven’t gotten into logic apps but I really should

It’s addicting for sure. Once you understand the basic concepts of HTTP calls and JSON data parsing you can do some pretty cool things. Same thing with PowerBI. Now I look for APIs on everything and if they don’t have one, your product sucks lol. That and Webhooks!! Which Syncro’s implementation of Webhooks is lacking significantly. You should be able to send a webhook on every customer, contact, invoice, estimate, etc. action. Not just when you perform something specific. Every time something is created or changed, there should be an option to fire a webhook.

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I took another gander just in case but to my knowledge, none of the Syncro API responses provide any sort of PDF output. We ran into a similar issue but we ended up just parsing the data and producing our own reporting in PowerBI and then we tied in a PDF and Excel template so we can export the data into XLSX or PDF.

Hello Chuck,

That wouldn’t be possible at the moment I’m afraid. We can create an Estimate using the API and also send an email, but that only sends it to the Customer’s email.

But that would be a good feature request!

I parsed the HTML and found the link that generates the PDF in the estimate. So I just did it that way. That only works in the estimate page. Not on the invoice page. The link is not generated the same way. Doesn’t matter I only need it on the estimate page.