General API updates and broadening of scope

The APIs are great, but they are lacking in scope.
We need additional API functionality. Some of the additions are:

  • Access to scripts. At least to download and make backups. Running scripts would be great also.
  • Additional data for reporting.
  • Stats and KPIs
  • Patching. This is completely missing.
  • Asset Policy folders.

In general, when new major Syncro functionality are added, the corresponding APIs should be added.


I would like to see all those things, but it feels like we are best not to assume that the API will get any love anytime soon.

I’ve only been looking at the /customer API, but I would not call the Syncro API great. It is average at best.


Documentation of the API is very terse. It is often a research project to figure it out.
If the API was improved, I feel there would be a lot more community and vendor contribution. Reporting is a huge area where community contribution can help.

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In case the support team are reading this.
Examples of well documented APIs are
Webroot Unity API.
Documentation - API Reference (

MS Graph is fairly good too for documentation, though I found the Webroot API easier to develop against from its documentation.

IT Portal API is reasonible for documentation. Much better than Syncro.
Hudu API is average.
Bit Defender I found quite hard to work with. Similar amount of guess/research work to the Syncro API.
Naverisk has a fully documented API, but the API doesn’t do very much, and its security is poor, even use of the API requires disabling MFA for user accounts Doh!. Syncro API is much larger in scope than the Naverisk API.

RangerMSP API is local LAN only because it is DLL only and has zero authentication. Well structured. Documentation could be better, but a major plus is that it does support proper queries similar to a SQL type language, and the RangerMSP support team provide excellent support for the API.