Galactic Scan

Anybody else using Galactic Scan? I LOVE these guys.

I’m trying to figure out some automations and tie-ins into Syncro.

Never heard of them, what do they do?

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Security Auditing. Best report I’ve ever used to help clients up their security game.


I’m using Powershell scripts they’ve shared in the weekly SecOps webinars.

  • Service path escaper ensures all of the Service paths are properly escaped
  • Bricker rotates the bitlocker key and forces device into recovery mode. Used with terminated employee. - Saves the Bitlocker key to be used when the device is recovered.
  • Galactic Deployer schedules a scan which can be submitted for updated report

@cole we are but also combining with data from other tools. We are finding that they have the best MAC scanner so far. Not 100%, but easiest to use. They are working on improving SynchroMSP integration