Future due date on recurring ticket

Add “due date” or “sla” option to the recurring ticket schedule. This could be accomplished by adding a due date field or sla field and then you could have a custom SLA field with due date our 48 hours or whatever you wanted.

I want the schedule to run on Monday, so the tech has a ticket in their queue assigned to them and be able to set the due date of the ticket.

For example. Ticket is scheduled to run on Monday, and I can set in the recurring schedule to set the due date 3 days from the actual ticket creation.

Proactive Maintenance Ticket is created, tech is notified that the ticket is created and the due date is accurate so they have time to communicate with the customer about planned maintenance.

The customer would also get the initial ticket information and the scheduled due date info in the ticket so they have a heads up. Right now you can’t notify the customer because it confuses the customer that the maintenance isn’t actually happening on that day.

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I agree this would be a very nice enhancement! I’d like to use it like this too.