Further Visibility/Breakdown of Tickets (Tasks?)

We would like to see a more clearly posted “to do list” on the dashboard.

Also perhaps a larger breakdown of tickets, or a more global connection for tickets.
Rather than customers/tickets, maybe customer/tickets/tasks, or customer/projects/tickets.

We find it can be difficult to organize things with a good means of both macro and micro sorting.
Either a ticket is for a project and it’s hard to figure out specific associated tasks, or a ticket is for a task, and there’s no way to sort which tasks are grouped together for a larger project.

My thought would be to make tickets about a full project, and then have a sub category of tasks, perhaps even associated with a specific tech, which could be listed at the top of their specific dashboard (and perhaps admins can see all tasks open sorted by tech).

This way immediately after login, there’s a clear to do list and not just a number of how many items are needed to be done, for them to then click and go to another location to sort through.

We use worksheets instead of tasks where the task needs to be attached to a certain ticket.

There’s no option adding a due date / reminder onto a worksheet though. Maybe that should be a feature request… :slight_smile: