From a Person testing

I have started the testing phase to see if we want to leave our current company. Here’s what needs to be added just to help get clients to stay:

  1. Users need to be charge differently. We have people that would be logging in just to punch in/out. Our Current provider charges $5.00 for them and $25 for the bill people that has only limited abilities. Need to have a billing system for non RMM people like Repairshopr had 10 people for 100 and add the extra on for RMM users. As stands now

  2. Add more filters for reports.

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You aren’t the only one who has requested this. It’s a long time request. Don’t expect it too soon if they ever do have a lower tier for different user types. One option is you can do things with the API…


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Shame they dont. Repairshopr was great tool this is a great tool too, better than alot. I will have to use API for time tracking and such.