Frequent gateway timeouts when moving around within Syncro

Hello SyncroMSP,

Today we have noticed frequent gateway timeouts. Here is a sample of what we are seeing intermittently, but more frequently than not:

Sorry! Looks like we had a problem on our end.

Gateway time-out

The web server reported a gateway time-out error.

  • Ray ID: 7a43af55070d2e78
  • Your IP address: x.x.x.x
  • Error reference number: 504
  • Cloudflare Location: Dallas

We don’t see anything mentioned on the Syncro Status page, so I thought I’d reach out to see our instance is locally impacted, or if there is something more general going on.

Thank you!

Same here. It’s been going on for a couple hours, yet not a peep from Syncro. No official acknowledgement via their status page, support site, facebook group, etc. But it’s not just you. Many are seeing the same as indicated in the FB Syncro User Group. just updated