Forwarding to support mailbox creates tickets but looses client info

Before the last update to rich text format we were able to forward client support emails to Syncro and it would create a ticket using the domain of the original sender if this was a known client. The ticket would also retain the relevant contact information.

Since the update when we forward client email support requests to Syncro it creates tickets but our company is now always the client, and contact information is stripped.

Is anyone else experiencing this? This is causing quite a bit of confusion.


A lot of us are and I hope they fix it soon. It’s quite a few extra steps to have to reassign every time.
They have this marked as complete, but it’s not.

Agreed, I just came across the forum post mentioned above that says it was resolved and actually laughed. This is definitely not resolved.

@kbteam are you guys aware of this? I’m also still seeing forwarded emails failing to match. I would be happy to send an example next time it happens.

This is not working for me either. I have tried multple ways of forwarding it. It always go to my default user and gets assigned to the main account (my company) instead of the client/customer account.