Forwarding emails to tickets

The documentation says this:

Forward Customer emails into system

If you want to forward customer emails into the system, just forward them in from an email that is a User Account and the resulting Lead/Ticket will have the customer information attached properly!

Note: The Subject must contain “FW:” in order for Syncro to recognize this is a forward and this will ensure we parse the email for the right customer data.

I have setup the tickets and they create but they are NOT parsing the email to grab the clients email address. I have edited the FW: in my Apple Mail and my Google Workspace gmail and it all comes in as my company and not the client.

any clues?

I believe if there is a user/customer setup with your email address then it will assign the ticket to that first.
Remove or change the email on your customer account and try again

There’s an email address for that user. She’s like my test user for anything I do.

But it’s going to my customer setup and not to the clients. I’ve tried it a bunch of different ways.

I always strip out the email signature Outlook puts into the top of the message so the email body starts with:

**From:** Someone Named <>
**Sent:** Friday, December 31, 2021 8:03 AM
**To:** Me Here <>
**Subject:** Original email subject

Works for me anyway.

I’ve done that too. I’ll try it again.

and your subject is FW: xxxxx?

Correct, I leave the subject as Outlook sets it: “FW: original subject”

(Sometimes I shorten or modify it to make a better ticket title.)

Agree on the subject shortening. I do that too with my other system that i’m switching from.

I’ll keep tinkering with it.

Appreciate the help.

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That is what I am referring to.

If your email address is associated with a customer then it will match that first, regardless of the FW: in the subject.

You need to remove your email from syncro as a customer, then it will look at the forwarding and match to the original customers email.

Ahhhh I see what you mean. Sorry for not following the first time.

still didn’t work. I tried a new email address and didn’t pull.

Is the email address you’re forwarding from also a user in your Syncro account? That is also a requirement.

I forget who I was forwarding but i’ll double check that.

Would Email rules help to create contacts if they are not in there? just curious, I setup email domain rules if they are not in the client.

thanks, i’ll keep poking on this and updating

I forwarded one expecting to have to change companies and all that, and it worked on this one… hmmm I’ll keep trying.

Hi @mpisto

Yes you can auto-create a contact under a customer: Create Tickets automatically from inbound email

it started worked after this so we are good! thanks for the reply. Not sure what the heck I did differently. haha

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