Force Show and Pin on Taskbar Tray Icon

Here is an idea I had. I would like to have our Taskbar tray icon force show and not be hidden in the extra icons. I would like to always be able to say go look for our icon and have it always be shown.

Any idea on scripts that could force this?

There’s a script in the library. It has to be run as the user and the user has to be logged on at the time it runs. Even then it may not be 100%. I touch every new computer and drag it out if it’s not.

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The script in the library now seems to restart the explorer service or appears too
I had a few customers contact me saying “Windows is refreshing” lol
Basically, Taskbar and Windows Explorer Windows were disappearing. The Taskbar would return.

So just triple check it before rolling it out.

I forgot that, good to note. You wouldn’t have to kill explorer if you didn’t want to, but the tray icon won’t show on the tray until you do or system is restarted.

I know this is a bit old, but literally all you need to do is run this from Syncro. I actually have this run as a setup script when a new machine first joins and gets the main policy. This does NOT need to run as the user. This will also kill explorer which will then reload. I’ve yet to have an issue with running this. However, this forces all icons to be shown, not just the Syncro one.

$RegPath = "HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer"
$Item = "EnableAutoTray"

New-ItemProperty $RegPath -Name $Item -Value 0 -Force

Stop-Process -ProcessName explorer -Force