For the Love of Spock...Please have a way to hide / retire an asset and archive it

One of my biggest clients has a lot of computer turnaround.
We must keep the old asset for the record, our and the client.
We need to keep the ticket history, time, billing, and specs.
We can’t move the asset to another “retired customer” or delete it, it got to be kept where it is but not visible under active production assets.
My client would like a computer list with specs for next year’s budget, and it is one big mess.


+1 there are like 10 other request of this… while how it should be archive is up for debate - it should be simply hidden from reports is the only thing we can’t do. Either adding a filter for reports / searches or hard code the filter on your end. Obs. the best would be a way to filter reports dynamically vs hard coded for other filter reasons.

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