Following Up on Backup Transition

We used the script to transition our Syncro backups to Comet. It looks like they are still going to Syncro storage at Wasabi. Is there a way to move that storage to my wasabi, and how long can I expect Syncro Wasabi to remain in place?

I’m glad I looked because I thought it would go to the wasabi storage I set up, but I checked on the usage there, and it’s less than 100 MB after a month. That got me looking.

If I change the Syncro Wasabi bucket target to mine, Will the previous backups go to my bucket?

I may experiment with this and let you know if I don’t get any good answers.

I would speak specifically to Comet about this. We don’t have any control of those instances any longer, so they’d need to rectify that on their end, particularly because our Wasabi account will be decommissioned here at some point.

I don’t believe you will be able to transfer data from one storage account to another, but you can also confirm that with Comet directly.

I’m not seeing a way to show the Wasabi bucket I added while the Syncro Wasabi bucket is still attached. It only shows if I uninstall the old Syncro, install a new instance, log into a new account, and do the setup wizard.

Comet’s support is mainly just a youtube video referral service, although I did schedule time for someone to call, who was bewildered by all of this.

1,000 of hours of development and support hours wasted is the real shame here

Mate I would just start again if you don’t have too many endpoints.
Save yourself the pain.

Hopefully at the end of it we can at least end up with an integration so we can monitor our self hosted comet backups.

Found this link.

You could seed the new wasabi storage. Have a look at Seed Load Walkthrough | Comet Documentation

I would spin up a virtual machine on as fast a connection as you can find (10 Gbps), restore your old wasabi backups, and then seed the new bucket.