Fix Ticket CC behavior from replace all CC recipients to Append to existing recipients

Currently every time someone replies to a ticket and CC’s someone, Syncro wipes out and replaces the entire CC field with what the sender included in their CC field. Syncro should only add new recipients to the ticket CC field and not wipe out the existing contents and replace it.

This can be a change in the functionality or given as an administrator setting to replace or override. Frankly I cannot understand why anyone would want the current wipe out functionality.

We are frequently having problems due to the current behavior including:

  • Ticket delays and upset clients because they are not getting ticket updates.
  • Time consuming activity on my staff to review the ticket history and re-add the deleted CC recipients.

Yes this is greatly needed. I had an issue recently that affected 5 users so cc’d them all as soon as one just replied (not reply all) all the CC disappeared. So frustrating cause I didn’t notice it wiped out the cc and didn’t understand why some users were out of the loop.

I would also add that External CC’s should not receive private notes. Its fine that Internal CCs automatically are emailed private notes. But generally a private note is information that is not supposed to be shared with the client so the email addresses of external users, should not be listed as CCs when creating a private note.

I am pretty sure only assigned techs see private notes. Are you seeing something different?

@Frank Can you confirm if this is a bug or feature request? Just got bit by this one again.

This is feature request and currently working as intended. I do agree that there is some room for improvement. Maybe @Andy an chime in since he’s on the Product Team.

The CCs will adjust based on the most recent reply to the ticket. If a customer ‘replies all’ then the CCs will remain. We error on the side of not accidentally sending emails to people that shouldn’t receive them. So, if a customer replies only to you without the other CCs, the system was designed to assume the reply was only meant for the technician assigned to the ticket and not for all the other CCs.

This is one area I think we should have the ability to choose in the admin settings. If someone is CC’ed on the ticket, then I consider it a public ticket. If someone wants to send something privately, they can do it via another method. The big issue is when someone accidently forgets to CC someone and then that person is dropped from future communication, and then we have that person asking us what’s going on, why haven’t we responded, etc. I’ve discovered that a lot of companies do not communicate well internally, which puts unnecessary burden on us to try and keep up with the CCs. An example of a recent ticket. Customer sends in a ticket for a new user, and CC’s another admin. The initial submitter sent in a follow up and forgot to CC the other admin. When we replied to say it was done, the second person didn’t receive the communication. Now they get upset and ask us why hasn’t it been taken care of yet because they have not had any internal communication since the initial request. To add to this ticket, the second person submitted an additional ticket to set this new user up on a system. When we merged, they were dropped entirely and since they didn’t exist on the initial ticket anymore, they didn’t receive confirmation when we completed the system.

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This is a no brainer. it should be considered a bug. just because they say it is by design does not make it right. i have used may PSA’s this is the only one that strips out CC for no reason.

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This “feature” is clearly a bug. Our clients ARE NOT the ones who should be deciding who gets copied on our tickets. They are OUR tickets and it is OUR choice. I am really getting tired of having to recreate all the people CCd on a ticket.

You can at a minimum give us the choice on how this functions. I have used several ticketing systems over the years and NONE of them have exhibited this poor behavior. I really cannot fathom what the thought was on this.

So I can confirm the way it’s working today is not a bug, it is by design. That design was done well before my time, and I agree it’s nothing short of a hassle as it was designed. It’s on my hit list to make it work as expected, meaning CCs remain CCs indefinitely, unless the owner of the ticket physically removes them at some point.

I have no timeline for when this is going to get handled, but it is going to get handled at some point.


Very glad to hear this will be addressed Andy. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

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I hope this will get fixed soon. I have had to fix my CCs today no less than 20 times. I’m about to rip my hair out of my skull.

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