Filter tickets by user

Please add the ability to filter tickets by a user.

You should be able to this now. If you got to the Tickets tab, you can put in the name of any given contact and it should filter the list appropriately. Let me know if I am misunderstanding the ask here.

And if I have two users, two different companies with the same name.
I don’t see a way to filter tickets by user by company.

Well if you happen have the same contact name matching across two different companies, then yeah you couldn’t filter one out without the other being present. In 99% of the cases though you can definitely filter your list by contact as you originally asked.

So in your opinion how would you like to see this handled? Maybe just add a new filter option for Customer? Then you could filter for contact and customer together?

Also just curious, how often are you finding you have identically named people across multiple companies?