Feature Suggestion: Ultimate Mac Lookup

Ultimate Mac Lookup is a helpful website where one can look up a ton of information about any Mac computer by putting in the serial number.


It would be super handy to integrate this into Syncro. Integration could be as simple as a button next to the Mac serial number of a Syncro asset which links to:

Or, even better, some kind of API integration to reference the information directly within Syncro in a CAPTCHA-free manner.

The API is a paid service. The sensible approach would be to let interested Syncro users register for their own API key if they’ll use the service, and input that key into integration settings in Syncro. So Syncro isn’t, in my vision, expected to take on any API expense. A user who finds it valuable will pay for their own access, which starts as low as $9/month.

I do enough work with Macs to know I would be among the first to use this feature if it existed.

Hate to say it but this will be pointless with future hardware. They’ve moved to randomized serials as of early last year, so the information is no longer embedded in the serial itself. I use that page all the time, but it won’t be useful for long.