Feature request voting

Please consider implementing a voting platform for feature requests?
Something similar to the system that comet backup uses.
Comet Backup

or perhaps Nolt
Nolt · Feedback boards your users will love


This has always gotten a strong “no,” but sometimes persistence makes change… :wink:

This platform is capable of a voting system and they accidentally turned it on, but turned it back off. As Brian said, it’s always been a strong no for some reason. They could easily lock the Feature Request category down so only logged in users can see the post.

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Yes, I see now that Discourse supports voting.
Topic Voting | Discourse - Civilized Discussion

I wonder why Syncro wouldn’t want to use it, and find out which feature requests to focus Dev efforts which are in most demand by the Syncro community.

From being around for a few years, my feeling is that Syncro’s team doesn’t want to be “forced” into developing things that they don’t believe will bring in new customers or affect retention rates.

If that’s the case, I get it.

Not sure how implementing highly requested features would not bring in new customers or positively affect retention rates.

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