Feature: Button to allow us to backup our scripts into a zip file

Hi Team,

Would be great to have a button to backup all our scripts to save them locally. I’m sure I’m not the only one with 100+ scripts that are being updated periodically.

Would be great to be able to take an offline backup so we can maintain versioning and restore points. But also for my own sanity cause I have so much time invested into my scripting.

I’m picturing a ps1 or cmd file to be created for each script in the zip file we can download within each ps1 or cmd file:

  • Comment: Script Name
  • Comment: Script description
  • Comment: Comma separated Categories
  • Comment: If it’s marked as a favourite or on Every customer portal or if maintenance mode is enabled
  • Comment: Each Variable name, variable type, and variable values (drop-downs as comma separated)
  • Comment: Any attachment names and their associated destination path
  • Comment: Script file type, who it is running as, and the max run time
  • Then the body of the script itself



Great idea I think. We would use that for sure!

Maybe toss in some kind of version control too? :wink: Could be very basic.


YES. I’ve been just putting dated comments into my scripts so I have some sort of change history, but that’s messy.

I’ve just gone through the process of manually documenting and backing up every script, it took hours. I will attempt to manually update my local copies with versioning, but would not want to repeat this process again, hopefully Syncro can come to the table with a Backup Scripts button for us.

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