False Offline Alerts

Offline alerts happen any time Syncro cannot communicate with an asset. This is generally caused by one of the following:

  • The asset is turned off
  • Something is effecting the Syncro Service on the Asset
  • The asset cannot communicate with the Syncro server

If you are confident the asset is turned on, determine what is causing the false Offline alert by trying the following:

Use the Backgrounding Tools to restart the Syncro Service

Choose Backgrounding Tools > Service Manager to restart the Service:

Choose Backgrounding Tools > Service Manager

Open a virtual PowerShell terminal and enter this command:

Restart-Service Syncro

The Backgrounding Tools is a separate service. If you cannot access the asset from the Backgrounding tools and the asset is showing offline, it is likely turned off or there is a connection issue.

Allowlist our domains

If restarting the service doesn't change the Asset's status, you will need to make sure nothing is blocking the communication from the Asset to the Syncro Servers. Check out Syncro Exceptions and Allowlists regarding agent communication.