Extra Script Platform Variables

I’ve been looking at the Syncro platform variables for scripts, of which there are plenty of useful ones.

However, there are a couple of important ones that I feel are missing from a logging standpoint: Syncro user that initiated a script, and when the script was scheduled.

These variables could then be used in any script logs to show who initiated it and when they set it up to be run. If mistakes happen in setting up a script, you can then trace it back to the person that set it up to run and hopefully prevent a reoccurrence.

Now this doesn’t necessarily have to be a script variable, but it would be nice if it was. An alternative implementation would be to somehow show the information on an asset’s script page somewhere next to the script’s name perhaps. The only issue with this is that visible script history of a device isn’t particularly long so it would soon disappear, whereas a log stored on the device would remain.

I second this emotion,