Expose Ticket Custom Fields to Inbound Email Rules

There needs to be a way to attach a customer ticket field to a new ticket when created by an inbound email. Please expose this so a worksheet can be attached to a ticket based on the inbound email it came from. We need to automate attaching the worksheets to tickets when they come in.

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I’ll move this over to the feature request category on your behalf. These posts are likely not getting traction because they aren’t categorized. Also, posts in the feature request category get automatically submitted to the Product Team for review and also generate a lot of conversation between users that the Product Team takes into consideration.

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this sounds like a great idea, but I’m having trouble thinking how to use it. Can you give any examples of how you would envision this feature working and what you would use it for if it was built?

I would think a set of ticket automation rules where a ticket comes from someone, or includes something in the subject. At this point, it would be nice to be able to add all the worksheets to a ticket after the fact, without having to manually go through each one. The ticket custom fields only works during initial ticket creation and not after the ticket is created.