Exporting Report to PDF or Excel displays no data

Hello. We run monthly asset activity reports for our clients and include it with our invoicing. This month, the report shows on the screen, but when we try to export to Excel or PDF, it only displays the title page and a page with just the header (see picture)


Hi Ken, we have a bug report open on this. I’ll get you linked in on a ticket so you’ll receive updates on it.

Hello. This is still not working! It’s been two weeks now.

Hi Ken, thanks so much for your patience. I sent an update on your ticket and we do expect there to be a resolution on this soon.

Going on week two without any real progress. These reports are a vital part of our client relationships and are needed.

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Hi Ken, the code work is done and it has moved on to QA. If everything looks good it will then roll out to you.

Thanks for the update.

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We have the same issue

Added you in! You should have a ticket in your email.

We are having the same problem with the reports.

Hi Shane, you’ve been added.

STILL NO EXPORT TO PDF. Another billing cycle and can not send to our clients the reports for work performed.


We are also seeing the same issue… please ‘add me too’ to this.


Hi Faisal, thanks you’ve been added!

Hello everyone, thank you for waiting we have just rolled out the resolution for this- your PDFs should now be generating. If anyone has any trouble please let us know.

I seem to be having the no data in pdf reports

Hi @lwhite,

Support is working to resolve this issue. Will circle back in a few.