Export list of all assets including "last user" field

I need to export all assets from the Assets view and include “Last User” column that I selected in asset view. In other words I’m trying to figure out which user uses what machine. I know it’s not the most reliable way but it will cover about 80% of the field.
Any ‘proper’ ways of doing that short of copy-pasting directly from Assets page?

The only way I could think to do it would be to run a script that pulls the last user and then sends that to a custom field. When you export the assets, the custom fields are listed in the ‘properties’ column.

You can add columns to the Asset Audit report, including Last User. No custom field needed.

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Right you are! Good catch :slight_smile: From the Asset page, you can click the customize button and then add Last User to the report.


But that doesn’t include that column in CSV export.
The columns you select in Customize have no effect on CSV export.

@isaacg is correct. Go to Reports, select Asset Audit. Click Customize in the upper right. Check Last User and any other fields you want. Click Save. Then search for a Customer, click run Report. Once the list appears click CSV.

Custom columns appear in my csv export properly. Jeff’s instructions should help.

It doesn’t for me? Weird, I’ll reach out to support