Export Documentation and Passwords

Can we ger an Export option for the saved passwords and documentation we use inside of syncro?


Only option i’ve worked out on password front is click all the reveal boxes quick and print the page as a PDF, shred it once you’re done

can i just confirm this is correct. once you put all your trusted data in syncro, and you loose the client, there is no way to export their data & passwords ?

Passwords no. What do you mean by “their data.” For example, you can dump their entire asset info or customer info, etc.

thanks for following up Andy, by ‘their data’ I refer to passwords, if I loose a client, I am usually obligated to handover all credentials unless i want to be unusually difficult for the new provider - there’s no way at all to export their passwords? is there any reason for this ?

You could do what tim1 suggested, just open the page, reveal the passwords and print to PDF or select and give out what is necessary. I’m not sure how many people here put their customers passwords into Syncro and instead use a documentation system or a password manager

It’s been that way since I’ve been here, so I don’t know what the origination for that decision is. I’d put this as a feature request in the forums here for sure. I get the need.