Export all data

There is not a single button or module that exports all of your data. This article covers the various methods to export most of it.

The links below take you to the section that shows how to export that particular data set.

Logistics Line Items
Ticket Comments
Financials and other data
Retrieve your data - How to download your data after starting an export

If you are planning to import all this data into another RepairShopr or Syncro site, see our Migrate data from one site to another article.


Export Customers

  1. Go to More > Admin > Reports.
  2. Under the Customers section, click Customer Export.
  3. Retrieve your file.

Export Contacts and Ticket Comments

Please contact Support to export your contacts and ticket comments.

Export Logistics Line Items

  1. Go to More > Admin > Reports.
  2. Under the Inventory section, click Logistics Export.

Export Tickets

  1. Go to More > Admin > Reports.
  2. Under the Tickets section, click Ticket Export.

Export Assets

  1. Go to the Assets tab.
  2. In the upper right, click Actions > Export All.

Export Invoices

  1. Go to More > Admin > Reports.
  2. Under the Invoices section, click Invoice Export.

Alternatively, you can use this URL. Replace "yoursubdomain" in the URL with your subdomain.

Export Inventory

  1. Go to the Inventory tab.
  2. In the upper right click Inventory Modules > Export to CSV.

Financials and other data

Most financial data, along with other types of data, can be found in More > Admin > Reports.


Retrieve your data

After starting a download, you will then be redirected to the Downloads page (located in More > Admin > Reports > Downloads). If a file is large, it may take a few minutes and require you to manually refresh the page in order to see it.

The links in this post should be updated to admin.syncromsp.com instead of yoursite.syncromsp.com – that way they can be copied and pasted without modification, since “admin” will redirect to the user’s subdomain if they’re logged in.

Regarding the section “Export Logistics Line Items”, there is no longer an option for “Logistics Export” under “Inventory”. It appears this has been replaced by the “logistics_line_items.csv” in the data export feature ( https://admin.syncromsp.com/reports/downloads?export=true )

Similarly, the “Ticket Export” report just redirects to the main data export you already mentioned under “Export customers, contacts, logistics line items, tickets, ticket comments, and assets — all at once”; no need for a separate line item since the “report” is just a redirect link (that will be empty if the user hasn’t used the “?export=true” flag).

Same thing for the “Assets | Export All” link.

For Invoices, the Admin > Reports > Invoice Export redirects to the /reports/downloads link and generates a file called “daily_invoices_report.csv”, which is a misnomer since it includes all invoices. (Assumedly, someone created this as a simple way to export invoice summary data every day, but that’s not obvious to users and should be renamed.)