Expected Behavior of Ticket CCs - Esp. Replies

I’m trying to straighten out how ticket CCs should work.

Let’s say I have a ticket with a contact john@myclient.com.
I have an additional CC, jane@myclient.com.

The tech sends a ticket update. Both John and Jane get the update email.

However, for me, when John replies to the ticket, the tech gets the update and it shows on the ticket page, but Jane does not see John’s reply. Have I configured something incorrectly? Can I make it so the CC receives all updates and replies, from all parties?

Currently it’s a bit confusing as Jane is missing half the conversation.

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John should be CCing Jane in his replies. He’s doing a reply instead of reply all. Contacts do not get an email back when they reply. I have asked for this in the past, as it should be part of closed-loop communication. They actually fixed a part of this, before, if John did not CC Jane, Jane would be removed from the ticket entirely. At the present, Jane would only see John’s reply, if she was not CC’ed by John, when you reply back.

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Thanks. Not a huge issue for me right now, and it’s good to know it’s not just me messing something up. Thank you!

This really needs to be fixed in the ticket system. If someone on a ticket with multiple CCs does a reply rather than a reply all, it removes all the other CCd users from the ticket.

This burns me all the time and it is time consuming to put all the users back on a ticket.