Executive summary reports date ranges

Executive reports currently only have 30 days and longer date ranges for reporting. We need to also have ranges for days and weeks. This should include things like today, yesterday, this week, last week.

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This is a simple request. Bumping this up

For exec summary or the internal report builder? Exec summaries are typically something you’d send to your customers monthly. Are you sending reports to customers as often as daily? I’m trying to understand the use case here.

A similar feature request is at this link.
Custom Date Range for Executive Summary Reports - Feature Requests - Syncro Support Community (syncromsp.com)

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This emphasizes the problem with the current Syncro philosophy of we will create all the reports for the users. You are making decisions based on your assumptions and what you’re exposed to.

In this case very specifically you’re assumptions are incorrect. One of my largest and best customers needs a report weekly. If I have to switch RMM/PSA tools to keep the customer, I will.

We as users of Syncro need access to our full data set, and to be able to create any reports we or our clients need.

At a minimum, how hard is it to add a weekly range option? My frustrations with the product limitations and the slow implementation of features is increasing. I bought-in about 2 years ago with the promise and historical precedence of features being added quickly and typically based on user suggestions. This seems to have come to a complete halt. My needs are growing and Syncro is falling behind.

I don’t think anyone is saying it’s hard or we wouldn’t support the ask, but when we prioritize things we like to understand the impact it will have to our user base in comparison to any of the other thousands of requests we get. We typically will ask for use cases in all scenarios for this very reason.

For what it’s worth, I had big few big customers that wanted reports on some type of uncommon cadence in my MSP days as well.

I hope you can appreciate my frustration. I am really at the point where I have to consider alternatives to Syncro to keep my customers happy. I clearly cannot wait for feature requests to be handled. We need a way to take matters into our own hands and handle what we must. Reporting is the primary pain point my customers are having. The list of items they are asking for is extensive. We have had difficulty even creating the most basic reports they are asking for. In some cases we are doing mass exports of data and manually massaging them. This is not a sustainable situation.