Executive Report Messed up since new Policy Inheritance

Ever Since the Policy change all assets show that they are “unmanaged” and as a result will not show you any patches, updates or any asset stats.

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Hello over at Mazteck! I took a look at your ESR and didn’t see a list of assets. Were you looking at the WIndows Update Coverage card or somewhere else? If you’d like to post a screenshot that would help me see where you’re at.


Hello, assets on the Ex Report all show unmanaged

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We are seeing this same issue as well following the Policy Inheritance migration. Because we have scheduled reports in place it was mentioned by clients that the Windows Updates section on the Executive Summary is blank.

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We are seeing this same issue. Is there a fix for it yet?

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I can’t even get our exec summary builder reports to even run. Keeps giving off an error message.
“Error loading report”
“There was an error loading the report. Please try again or contact support if this issue persists.”

We are seeing this same issue.

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We have a bug report opened with the development team on this one. If you’d like to be notified when this is resolved go ahead and send in a ticket to help@syncromsp.com- no extra details are needed for this one. We’ll get you added in!

Come on! This is ridiculous. It’s been a month and there are no signs of anyone looking into fixing this.
Ever since syncro has raised the prices the bug fixes are none existent.
We have no way of providing clients proof that their computers are being patched or updated without some kind of report that works. Ever since the new policy structure nothing works!

Can you try making a new template and letting me know if that resolves the issue?

I was able to make a new template and get the reports to run, however the new issue is that all Windows Updates in exec reports show as 0. So my customers are getting monthly reports saying we aren’t updating their systems, even though Windows Updates are being performed…

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On the first part, okay that means that there is somehow some bad data in the template causing the issue, so if you haven’t already I’d reach out to support with a link to that specific template to see if they can get it resolved.

As for the second issue, I looked into this and confirmed the issue. It is affecting both the Exec Summary Report Builder and the Internal Report Builder as well, specifically any blocks relating to Windows Updates. Devs are aware and are looking into it.

Andy with all due respect they have been looking into this for a month. I had to remove all the memorized Ex reports because clients were getting reports saying we arent doing shi+.
Under latest syncro updates the last 3 has been:
Nov-3 Policy inheritance – which has screwed up a bunch of things
Oct-7 New Mac agent coming at the end of December – hasnt happened
Sept-23 – bug fixes for backup – still not working

just like backups, you guys should stop charging us till these things are working again

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Windows Update values should now be corrected on the Report as of today. If anyone sees any further issues here just let us know. Looked good when I checked a few systems today.


See Alexandra’s post below.