Ex VAT / GST handling

Proper handling of Ex VAT pricing where pricing can be Entered, Displayed and Stored VAT exclusive. The links from Pax8 and to Xero/Quick Books also need to handle this correctly. Currently this is a mess and results in incorrect invoices being sent to end customers.


Great Suggestion. links to QBO are always out by a little. very frustrating.

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This is a major pain for us as well. We invoice to other countries that are VAT exempt and we have to have every item in our inventory duplicated to compensate for this, its the only platform I’ve ever used that deducts VAT from an inclusive price.

Can we get some feedback on this from the DevTeam?

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We are in the same boat, took our accounts team 3 weeks to redo all of our pricing and still often have mistakes due to the default business practices in australia being everything is exGST

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We desperately need this as well, even with our product labels only showing GST inclusive pricing is a real pain.


@anon98067808 In AU here as well and I believe we got stung by the same problem. You would think that Syncro would link the ExGST price in Syncro to the ExGST price in Xero. Maybe a developer thought it would be fun to ‘mix it up’ instead, but I sure didn’t think so.


This would be great - it’s been a pain having everything “including VAT”

any update on this? wanting to integrate with pax8

Syncro’s VAT handling for the UK was sorted out quite a few months ago. Which country are you based in Mathew?

Australia. I can try again if they believe its sorted?

I don’t think that they have enabled this for Australia yet. But hopefully Syncro can confirm this.