Estimates and Invoices - Margin Option

Would be very useful to have a field to fill in for the margin you wanted on a particular line item and have the Price calculated for you. IE, Enter the cost of your item $100, enter your margin percentage, 15%, and have the Price filled in with the calculated value of $115. If you choose to manually set the price, say to $110 in the example above, the Margin would then fill with the calculated value to 10%.

Would save much time on a calculator.


Came here to post this same thing, so I upvoted yours and am adding my comments here.

I totally agree. Not only would it save us time, it would show us exactly what we are marking it up for each line item. Yes, it shows the overall in the net margin line at the bottom, but if I went back and looked at the rate after I built the quote, I may want to modify the percentage number by a few points, especially after making changes to other line items.

There is a way to set an overall markup on every line item in the system admin settings, but I don’t mark everything up the same price, and I think that marks up EVERYTHING, including services, so I don’t want to use that setting.

I can see how this would be useful when using a markup pricing method. But it’s going to create a lot of clutter for those who don’t. What I’d love to see is an admin option for pricing model and for invoices and estimates to follow that setting.

Markup Method: Retail price is calculated as a percentage marked up from actual cost.

MSRP Method: Retail price is set to MSRP or MAP at the time it is received.

Discount Method: Retail price is calculated as a percentage discount from a list price, typically MSRP.

These are probably the three most common methods.

I don’t agree. The option for markup is already there, you just have to calculate it yourself and enter it in. That’s where we’re saying it would be a time savings.

If there was one extra field and it automatically calculated the total based on that markup, it would be simple to understand.

You could even have it so that if you adjusted the total, it would show you the markup.

If you mean on the create product page, I can agree with you. If Syncro doesn’t add this functionality, I can write you a browser plugin that will do it. It’s a pretty easy feature to add there.

I mean in the line when you add a new line to an estimate or invoice.

Like this:

You can enter the cost of the item. Choose to enter the Margin you want to mark it up by, then the PRICE would fill in. If you choose to skip adding a Margin, once you enter the price you are selling it for, the MARGIN % is calculated for you just as a FYI.

Agreed 100% I also came out here to request this. Any other package has this why doesn’t Syncro?
I’d like to have this on the add/view charge to a ticket. I know you are pulling from the inventory/tem database and the markup is already on the product, but if the price or markup changes, it would be faster to get the information on this screen then go back to the inventory page, change price, change markup, save item, go back to ticket, add item… Who’s pricing doesn’t change daily??? It would be easier to leave the price out of the inventory database all together! Force the tech or manager to put a price in when adding.

Ok, so thinking back through this, I don’t see how this would be a good idea. Why would you need to add an inventory item cost to a ticket? If it’s an inventory item, it should add the cost in inventory, not the current cost…because you’re selling inventory.

Same for estimates. You’re quoting a current price in inventory, not a future cost. (Although I wouldn’t mind this option too.)

Now, if you’re selling something that’s not in stock…these things begin to make more sense.

Would also love to see a field to auto calc/markup an item. Most of the time we’re entering unique prices, as…(most of us in the field know)…prices change like crazy, esp in recent years. In other estimating software (even slowbooks…I mean…Quickbooks)…we enter an item, put down it’s “cost” (our cost, wholesale cost, etc)…and I typically want to mark it up 20 or 25%. Sure, I can fire up CALC and do my <productcost/.75 or /.80>…and round up, and enter that. But for speed, efficiency, would sure be nice to have the function built into the estimates writer

I have to keep a spreadsheet open to calculate cost and my markup. Seems like a simple add in to save time.